Organic Vanilla
Coconut Sugar

Rich and aromatic, our Organic Vanilla Coconut Sugar ups the indulgence factor of everything it touches. Always low glycemic, it’s also unrefined, naturally gluten-free and simply delicious.

Gluten Free Low Glycemic Verified USDA Organic Non GMO Project Verified BRC
Control Union Fair Choice Vegan Paleo Kosher

Our coconut sugars are always Unrefined, Easy to Use & Ethically Sourced...

Simple 1:1 replacement
for cane sugar

Better tasting
than cane sugar

More sustainable
than cane sugar

Flavor profile

Rich and aromatic, with a velvety touch of pure vanilla bean, our Organic Vanilla Coconut Sugar gently deepens the savor of baked treats and adds sweetness to coffee and tea!


Certified Organic Fair Trade Granulated Coconut Blossom Nectar.


Level up baked goods and sweet treats with Vanilla Coconut Sugar.

use with cakes use with muffins use with pies

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