Organic Golden
Coconut Sugar

The first and only better-for-you sweetener to replace white cane sugar.

Finer Crystals: for instant dissolvability
Cleaner Taste: for an ideal sweetness
Lighter Color: for perfect mixability.


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Gluten Free Low Glycemic Verified USDA Organic Non GMO Project Verified BRC
Control Union Fair Choice Vegan Paleo Kosher

Our coconut sugars are always Unrefined, Easy to Use & Ethically Sourced...

Simple 1:1 replacement
for cane sugar

Better tasting
than cane sugar

More sustainable
than cane sugar

Flavor profile

With a light and clean taste, our Golden Coconut Sugar is a better-for-you upgrade to white cane sugar.


Certified Organic Fair Trade Granulated Coconut Blossom Nectar.


Finer crystals that dissolve quickly in drinks and blend well in recipes.

Use with Coffee & Tea Use with Smoothies Use for baking

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