Why do we do what we do? Because food is at the heart of vital healthy living. More than any other contributing factor, diet and nutrition is our primary medicine for a happy and healthy life.

It sustains our health through pure nutrients, it promotes happiness when sharing a meal with friends and family, and it nourishes creativity when exploring and playing with new ingredients, flavors and recipes. It replenishes nutrients lost during strenuous exercise. And perhaps most importantly, we do this because good food comes from rich soil and we like playing in the dirt.

Our mission of working directly with thousands of marginalized smallholder farmers and improving their livelihoods by fair trade wages, sustainable living and organic agriculture, the food forests from which our ingredients come from provide nutrients rooted in uncompromised quality, honesty, transparency and traceability. We pride ourselves in providing our customers food products they can trust to be the purest and most nutritiously pure products in their respective category.

We take a “best in class” approach to everything we do and make. If we cannot be the best in category and provide our customers with a superior product, we don’t make it. We at Big Tree Farms are our first customers and if we don’t need it or won’t eat it, we won’t make it.


Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is Nature’s Perfect Sweetener™. Made from pure flower blossom nectar of the coconut tree, it is an unrefined, high nutrient and low glycemic sweetener that you can use in place of anything that normally calls for cane sugar. It mixes exactly like sugar as a 1 to 1 replacement, so much easier than stevia or agave so it's easy to make the switch. It has a flavor similar to a mild brown sugar; perfect for baking, in your coffee, tea or cereals. Since it pours and tastes like conventional sugar it's a perfect sugar replacement for the entire family.

Big Tree Farms is the global pioneer of coconut sugar, having introduced the world’s first certified coconut sugar in 2008 and the first Certified Fair Trade coconut sugar in 2014. We are the only vertically integrated brand of coconut sugar on the global market, which means we work directly with thousands of family farmers, harvesting the nectar from our own trees, processing the nectar at our own factories and shipping directly to our customer’s world-wide. This hands-on oversight allows us to ensure our product’s purity, quality, integrity and traceability.

No other brand can offer the purity assurance, quality, and social responsibility of Big Tree Farms products.

Health Benefits:

  • Our coconut sugar is low glycemic verified, which means we conduct regular human clinical trials to ensure our product is what we say it is. Our test results continually show a Glycemic Index of under 40 for both our granulated coconut sugar and our liquid coconut nectar. This means that it is pure and not mixed with cane sugar. Our coconut sugar absorbs slowly into the bloodstream, providing sustained energy, not the sugar high and crash like cane sugar. Other coconut sugars simply cannot provide this assurance.
  • Coconut sugar has one of the highest nutrient contents of any sweetener. We are not saying that coconut sugar should replace your daily dose of vegetables. What we are saying is, better to use a sweetener that has nutrients than not.
  • Coconut sugar is considered one of the, if not the most sustainable sweeteners in the world. This means it’s healthy for the environment, which ultimately means health for other plants, animals and people like us. Holistic health is our mission. Healthy biomes mean healthy lives.