January 17, 2017

Ode to the Alternatives

Big Tree Farms has created products like the world’s first truly raw cacao butter by asking, “how can this be better?” In the spirit of offering game-changing alternatives, we share ideas spanning food to fashion that may inspire you to revise the norm. View full article →
January 03, 2017

2017 Starter Kit

New year = clean slate. Because 2016 was exhaustingly eventful, here’s how to kick off the new year on a good note. View full article →

Quick Weekend Pancakes

This is a great pancake recipe. It is fast, simple and you usually have the ingredients on hand. Pour Big Tree Farms Coconut Nectar over the top and enjoy! View full article →
December 01, 2016

That’s The Spirit!

Minimizing waste during the holidays is one effort to be mindful about sustainability. But beyond buying less, we can also buy better. In approaching smarter, sustainable holidays, here are some little ways you can help. View full article →

Are You Keeping Hydrated?

With the influx of health monitoring devices and apps, we can access a wealth of data on the state of our bodies. During the cold season, we tend to neglect our water intake just because we’re not sweating. So amid the parties and holiday celebrations, ask yourself a basic question: are you keeping hydrated? These apps see to it that you do. View full article →

5 Sweet Recipes For A More Sustainable Holiday

A round-up of some of our favorite coconut sugar recipes sure to make your holiday meals shine AND ensure your table is more environmentally sustainable!   View full article →

Giving Thanks For Healthier Options

As the holidays approach, if you find it hard to resist all the desserts and sweets, opt for little ways you can improve your sugar intake by switching from regular table sugar to coconut sugar. Here’s why coconut sugar is a healthier alternative: View full article →

The Second Life of Pumpkins

Don’t wipe the grin off your Jack-o-Lantern’s face so fast—they’ve still got some use in them. From a healthy snack, face mask, to cocktail, here are some ideas on extending the lives of pumpkins. View full article →

Cacao & Chocolate By The Numbers

The global chocolate market is projected to be worth up to 98.3 billion dollars this 2016 and millions of people’s livelihoods revolve around it. Before you take a bite, know that there’s a whole big world behind the chocolate you so love. Let’s explore it in figures.  View full article →

7 Reasons Our Chocolate Factory Is Cooler Than Willy Wonka’s

Reason 1: It’s made of bamboo! You won’t see tall gates strapped with a padlock upfront, but a cathedral-like bamboo structure that’s three-stories tall and the size of half a football field; making us the world’s largest, bamboo-made commercial structure. View full article →