Raw Chocolate Tarts Recipe

Cake for breakfast? If you’re looking to indulge, the next best thing could be raw chocolate tarts. These versatile nibblers can be enjoyed as a healthy breakfast following your workout, a midday snack, or more conventionally—dessert. Ingredients offer benefits in the form of chia seeds (calcium, protein, fiber), bananas and avocados (potassium), berries (antioxidants), and of course, cacao (energy booster and mood enhancer). View full article →

Ben Ripple, founder of Big Tree Farms, Discusses Cacao Fraud and Fact

Big Tree Farms in Bali presents the world's only truly raw cacao butter and powder. Listen to what Ben Ripple, organic Farmer and founder of Big Tree Farms, has to say about Big Tree Farms' process. 

Raw Black and White Hemp Chocolate

Hemp hearts and raw chocolate, is there any better combination on the planet? Not likely. Especially when you combine the nutritional profiles of these two superfoods, shazam! Super energy filled nutrient dense healthy fat fuel. View full article →


Brunswick Labs, a leading independent lab that specializes in testing for ORAC content of food products (the level of antioxidants in foods), tested Big Tree Farms' cold-pressed cacao powder and the results were impressive to say the least.  Our raw cacao powder showed over 2x the ORAC value than their conventional cacao extract!

In the heart of transparency and in the spirit that we believe you have a right to know about your food, we have provided you with the actual lab analysis and the link to view Brunswick Lab's other ORAC results.




What does the above mean?  Well, our total ORAC 5.0 results show a number of 4,056.  In comparison, Brunswick Lab's analysis of standard cocoa extract shows a number of 1,588.

To view the actual Brunswick Labs results for conventionally processed cocoa, click here.

Big Tree Farms cold-pressed cacao preserves the goodness that helps you live a lasting healthy life!

Berry YUM Cashew Mousse Torte

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Heart-Healthy Chocolate Moxie Mousse

Dark and decadent, packed with the powerful properties that cacao, coconut and hemp are renowned for, this simple recipe is an anytime of the day delight.  Chocolate Moxie Mousse is sure to make your heart healthily skip a few beats with this treat!   View full article →