Make hydration your New Year's resolution!

For whatever reason, that heightened sense of well-being from our New Year’s resolution instigated clean diet and regular exercise fades into a “back of the stove” priority and the monkey-chatter of daily busy-ness takes precedent. Yet, there is one simple every day enjoyable act that we can do, very easily, to ensure we are at least taking care of our body on a basic level.  View full article →

Some Thoughts on Palm Oil in Indonesia

Slash and burn agriculture practices have been part of Indonesian traditional farming for centuries. Small farmers cut brush and burn the remnants to prepare for new plantings just ahead of the rainy season. But in the last 3 decades, opportunistic plantation owners have started practicing the same slash and burn techniques on a massive scale; most often for opening new land for palm oil plantings. View full article →

Coco Hydro reduces your carbon footprint

 Did you know that over 1,500 plastic bottles are used in the US every SECOND? We created Coco Hydro as part of our ongoing mission to be part of the solution. View full article →

5 reasons to feel good about coconut water and Coco Hydro

5 reasons to feel good about your coconut water addiction and using Coco Hydro View full article →