24-Hour Quiet

Have you ever heard of Bali’s “Day of Silence”? In usual Balinese fashion, Nyepi is an intricate mix of symbols and ceremonies, celebration and reflection, community and the self, and tradition and new beginnings. View full article →

Looking Back: A Bali Starling Night

An art auction featuring oil paintings made by SDN Sibang Gede 4th grade students; specially created to encourage conservation for the Bali starlings. Pre-event, students enjoyed a tour of the Big Tree Farms factory for a behind the scenes look into sugar and chocolate making. View full article →

Some Thoughts on Palm Oil in Indonesia

Slash and burn agriculture practices have been part of Indonesian traditional farming for centuries. Small farmers cut brush and burn the remnants to prepare for new plantings just ahead of the rainy season. But in the last 3 decades, opportunistic plantation owners have started practicing the same slash and burn techniques on a massive scale; most often for opening new land for palm oil plantings. View full article →