Sayonara, Soy Sauce: Why Coco Aminos Is a Better Option

What can I cook with Coco Aminos? What does Aminos mean anyway? And why shell out more bucks for it when I could get soy sauce for cheaper? Here’s a rundown of reasons to switch to a healthier soy sauce. View full article →

Give Me a Vegan Cacao Tart for Valentine's

We’re swooning over this vegan Cacao Tart! With a hazelnut, cacao nib crust and a decadent, creamy cacao avocado mousse filling lightly sweetened with coconut nectar—it is perfect for any (every) special occasion. Each bite is pure bliss!  View full article →

Welcoming Coco Aminos to the Big Tree Farms family

Coco Aminos, our newest product which launched in March, is a healthy all purpose seasoning sauce, that acts as a great replacement for soy sauce, tamari or other liquid amino seasoning sauces on the market. View full article →

Debuting Coco Aminos at the 2016 Winter Fancy Foods Show

We had the pleasure of exhibiting once again at the 2016 Winter Fancy Foods Show. This year we debuted a brand new product- our Coco Aminos! View full article →