Raw Chocolate Tarts Recipe

Cake for breakfast? If you’re looking to indulge, the next best thing could be raw chocolate tarts. These versatile nibblers can be enjoyed as a healthy breakfast following your workout, a midday snack, or more conventionally—dessert. Ingredients offer benefits in the form of chia seeds (calcium, protein, fiber), bananas and avocados (potassium), berries (antioxidants), and of course, cacao (energy booster and mood enhancer). View full article →

Give Me a Vegan Cacao Tart for Valentine's

We’re swooning over this vegan Cacao Tart! With a hazelnut, cacao nib crust and a decadent, creamy cacao avocado mousse filling lightly sweetened with coconut nectar—it is perfect for any (every) special occasion. Each bite is pure bliss!  View full article →

Food Talk: The genius raw vegan cakes of Stephen McCarty

We have followed Steven McCarty on his wildly popular Instagram account for ages, marveled at his colorful and intricately decorated cakes, read about his story in Vogue, and seen him mentioned on countless other blog posts. However, it took until 2016 for us to find out that he chooses to bring his creations to life with our coconut nectar! We are truly honored to be part of his creative process and had to ask him a few questions.  View full article →

Your new 'go-to' salad dressing is here

We have a new salad dressing that is sure to become one of your standard 'go-to' recipes. The combination of ingredients is so simple but produces a seriously good flavor profile. View full article →

It's all about the coconut sugar!

Is it just us or has coconut sugar been popping up EVERYWHERE this last month? From Vogue to Gwyneth Paltrow's blog, the world is all about coconut sweeteners! View full article →

Aunt Bonnie’s Low Glycemic Pecan Pie

Blissfully Better is one of the many treasured Big Tree Farms partners. We are proud to work with them to help them create healthy and delicious treats.  Blissfully Better was created and founded by Bonnie Boroian after a long search for healthier sweet alternatives. Like many mothers, Bonnie wanted to provide her family with sweets that were both smart and flavorful, but she found very few options available. View full article →

Gluten Free and Vegan Berry Pancakes

We are constantly in awe of the magic Vangietarian creates with our cacao powder and other ingredients. Not only delicious but also works of art on a plate.  Below is her recipe for amazing gluten free berry pancakes drizzled with raw cacao sauce.  View full article →

Chocolate Molé Sauce

At Big Tree Farms, we have extensive experience in the world of cacao and chocolate.  We don't hold to the common idea that chocolate is only for dessert or as a 'treat".  This molé recipe is a scrumptious version of the legendary molé from Oaxaca Mexico that can be used as a dipping salsa or poured over any dish from roasted vegetables to meat, if you're a carnivore... Chocolate is one of the most popular flavors in the world and it makes most dishes taste even better! View full article →

Chocolate Beet Fudge Brownies

These gluten free and dairy free brownies look amazing- especially when you add some goodness from Big Tree Farms! View full article →

Chocolate Mint Bars (Vegan & Gluten-Free)

Always wondered how to bake with our cacao butter? Read on for a Chocolate Mint Bars (Vegan & Gluten-Free) recipe using the good stuff! View full article →