Give Me a Vegan Cacao Tart for Valentine's

We’re swooning over this vegan Cacao Tart! With a hazelnut, cacao nib crust and a decadent, creamy cacao avocado mousse filling lightly sweetened with coconut nectar—it is perfect for any (every) special occasion. Each bite is pure bliss!  View full article →
February 03, 2017

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5 Film Moments to Make You Crave Chocolate

We’ve set aside the usual Willy Wonka and Xocolat mentions to include cinematic celebrations of chocolate in varied scenarios—be it wizards on a train, a divorcée on a date, or inmates in a prison. Enjoy! View full article →

5 Sweet Recipes For A More Sustainable Holiday

A round-up of some of our favorite coconut sugar recipes sure to make your holiday meals shine AND ensure your table is more environmentally sustainable!   View full article →

Cacao & Chocolate By The Numbers

The global chocolate market is projected to be worth up to 98.3 billion dollars this 2016 and millions of people’s livelihoods revolve around it. Before you take a bite, know that there’s a whole big world behind the chocolate you so love. Let’s explore it in figures.  View full article →

The Raw Alchemist has hit the shelves! (Brownie recipe included)

Shanti and the Alchemy chefs use Big Tree Farms products and ingredients in their amazing creations and have shared the recipe for their incredible Raw Sexy Brownies from the Raw Alchemist. Packed full of goodness only raw cacao can bring you. Read all about it and then head to the kitchen to make your own batch of sublime brownies.  View full article →

Photo of the day: Hand Peeled Cacao Beans!

 When we say Hand-Peeled Cacao Beans we mean it! View full article →

Gluten Free and Vegan Berry Pancakes

We are constantly in awe of the magic Vangietarian creates with our cacao powder and other ingredients. Not only delicious but also works of art on a plate.  Below is her recipe for amazing gluten free berry pancakes drizzled with raw cacao sauce.  View full article →

Cacao for Happiness!

Cacao is not only good for your heart but also your happiness levels! View full article →

Ben Ripple, founder of Big Tree Farms, Discusses Cacao Fraud and Fact

Big Tree Farms in Bali presents the world's only truly raw cacao butter and powder. Listen to what Ben Ripple, organic Farmer and founder of Big Tree Farms, has to say about Big Tree Farms' process. 

Chocolate Molé Sauce

At Big Tree Farms, we have extensive experience in the world of cacao and chocolate.  We don't hold to the common idea that chocolate is only for dessert or as a 'treat".  This molé recipe is a scrumptious version of the legendary molé from Oaxaca Mexico that can be used as a dipping salsa or poured over any dish from roasted vegetables to meat, if you're a carnivore... Chocolate is one of the most popular flavors in the world and it makes most dishes taste even better! View full article →