Come visit our bamboo factory! Approximately 25 minutes south of Ubud, Big Tree Farms is open for tours from Monday to Friday. Please contact tours@bigtreefarms.com for details, directions, and reservations. View full article →

24-Hour Quiet

Have you ever heard of Bali’s “Day of Silence”? In usual Balinese fashion, Nyepi is an intricate mix of symbols and ceremonies, celebration and reflection, community and the self, and tradition and new beginnings. View full article →

Looking Back: A Bali Starling Night

An art auction featuring oil paintings made by SDN Sibang Gede 4th grade students; specially created to encourage conservation for the Bali starlings. Pre-event, students enjoyed a tour of the Big Tree Farms factory for a behind the scenes look into sugar and chocolate making. View full article →

7 Reasons Our Chocolate Factory Is Cooler Than Willy Wonka’s

Reason 1: It’s made of bamboo! You won’t see tall gates strapped with a padlock upfront, but a cathedral-like bamboo structure that’s three-stories tall and the size of half a football field; making us the world’s largest, bamboo-made commercial structure. View full article →
September 21, 2016

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4 Restaurants That Put Bali On The Culinary Map

Remember when the world said you can't make cold-processed cacao powder? Well, we made it happen! Big Tree Farms is all about pushing the envelope from farm to factory to kitchen. Like-minded in innovation, we proudly supply our products to these four Bali-based restaurants. View full article →

The Raw Alchemist has hit the shelves! (Brownie recipe included)

Shanti and the Alchemy chefs use Big Tree Farms products and ingredients in their amazing creations and have shared the recipe for their incredible Raw Sexy Brownies from the Raw Alchemist. Packed full of goodness only raw cacao can bring you. Read all about it and then head to the kitchen to make your own batch of sublime brownies.  View full article →

Taking part in the 2016 Ubud Food Festival

Big Tree Farms is joining in the celebration of Indonesian food at the second Ubud Food Festival! View full article →
February 29, 2016

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Silence, purification and reflection: celebrating Nyepi in Bali

Happy New Year/Nyepi from the island of Bali! Almost every religion or culture on earth has a unique way to celebrate the New Year and the tiny island of Bali is no different. While a majority of the world’s population adheres to the Gregorian calendar and celebrates the New Year with revelry (and sometimes debauchery) on January 1st, here in Bali our New Year or Nyepi is celebrated with a day of silence on the day following the dark moon of the Spring equinox. Sounds magical no? It is. View full article →
February 01, 2016

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Feeding the soul and belly! Celebrating Galungan in Bali

Next week marks the most important Balinese holiday of the year. Galungan day occurs once every 6 months (give or take) and celebrates the victory of dharma over adharma (call it old fashioned “Good over Evil”). It’s such a powerful time of year in fact that the Balinese believe their ancestral spirits come back to visit the island during the whole 10 days of celebration. That makes for a full house! 10 days of feeding the Gods and 10 days of feeding the Family. This is a celebration we can relate to! View full article →
December 14, 2015

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Celebrating the Goddess of Wisdom in Bali

Imagine all the students you know, dressed in colorful traditional clothing, each carrying a basket of offerings, walking in big groups on the way to school. Every 210 days (the number of days in the Balinese traditional calendar) this is the sight that fills the streets of Bali as students gather at their schools and universities to celebrate Saraswati Day with their peers and teachers. View full article →