Looking Back: A Bali Starling Night

Last February 10, 2017, our chocolate factory played host to a fundraising event by the Begawan Foundation.

Founded in 1999 by Bradley and Debbie Gardner, the Bali-based Begawan Foundation supports local communities in areas of health, education and conservation. The focus for “A Bali Starling Night” was to save “Bali’s mascot,” the critically endangered Bali starling; a songbird species with less than 100 adults in the wild due to poaching.

Bali Starling Night Auctioned Paintings

Background on Begawan Foundation’s “Bali Starling Conservation Project”:
1999 – Started with 2 pairs of Bali starlings imported from the UK
2005 – Able to house 85 birds, then moved to Nusa Penida
2006 to 2007 – Released 65 birds into the wild
2010 – Remaining birds were moved to Sibang, Bali
2011 – Received 23 starlings from European Zoo Association and Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Today, there are 63 Bali starlings in Sibang and 10 adult Bali starlings (released in 2014).

Event Highlights

An art auction featuring oil paintings made by SDN Sibang Gede 4th grade students; specially created to encourage conservation for the Bali starlings. Pre-event, students enjoyed a tour of the Big Tree Farms factory for a behind the scenes look into sugar and chocolate making.

How Much Was Raised?

More than 20 million Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Bali Discovery reports that this was achieved from “the auctioning of the students’ artwork; auction prizes donated by sponsors; and the sale of refreshments.” These funds will go on to support the continued efforts of Begawan Foundation’s conservation of Bali starlings as well as its community programs in Sibang Kaja and Sibang Gede.

What Next?

Find out how you can help through http://begawanfoundation.org/