Are You Keeping Hydrated?

With the influx of health monitoring devices and apps, we can access a wealth of data on the state of our bodies. During the cold season, we tend to neglect our water intake just because we’re not sweating.
So amid the parties and holiday celebrations, ask yourself a basic question: are you keeping hydrated? These apps see to it that you do.

There are many apps for monitoring your personal water intake which standard features include determining how much water you should be drinking daily (calculated according to your weight and other info), inputting your amount consumed (from 250 ml to 1,000 ml), setting alerts to remind of your goal, and then tracking your progress. Simple. Yet these two apps go beyond the usual formula:


Plant Nanny

What makes it stand out: it’s fun.

You might even say your kids would use it. Turning the task of keeping hydrated into a game, Plant Nanny feels like the healthy revamp of the Tamagotchi—except you drink the water, then tap the app to feed your plant. Every tap = the satisfaction to see your plant growing. Yet neglect it and much like real life, it will wilt and die.

Plant Nanny App
Our favorite features:
  • Customization tools: name your plant, pick its category (tulip, bamboo, dandelion), choose a pot (classic clay or creepy witch’s cauldron), and the backdrop for your little experiment (a beach, desert, or even Mount Fuji)

  • Fun cheats: didn’t get to reach your goal? Head to the flower shop for in-app purchases such as “water of life” to resuscitate a wilting plant

  • A weekly and monthly progress chart

  • Available for iOS and Android
Note This: The dry air during the cold season contributes to dehydration, which makes our bodies susceptible to conditions like hypothermia. Keeping hydrated reinforces a strong immune system and regulates our body temperature.


What makes it stand out: understanding that you don’t just drink water.

Track your water intake not just through pure water, but other beverages you drink that contain water (coffee, a sports drink, beer, wine). The standard amount of water for that drink is used to estimate how much water you consumed. Example: 250 ml of milk = 180 ml of water with the assumption that milk consists of 90% water.

iHydrate App
Our favorite features:
  • Editing options: change the beverage you recorded or volume of liquid consumed by visiting your history. In comparison, Plant Nanny only allows you to completely delete your daily water entry, then replace it with a new one.

  • For those with no time for games: iHydrate has an uncluttered, cool-to-the-eyes interface

  • It may only be available on iOS, but a big bonus is the app can be integrated with Apple Watch and other fitness trackers like Fitbit and Jawbone
Note This: Cold weather can equal sluggishness. If you find that you’re eating more but working out less, be mindful of your water intake. Ample water in your body facilitates efficient digestion and less weight gain.