Photo of the day: Hand Peeled Cacao Beans!

Hand peeling cacao beans at Big Tree Farms

When we say Hand-Peeled Cacao Beans we mean it! Big Tree Farms developed the hand peeled cacao project for two reasons: first, peeled cacao beans are a delicious, energy-dense snack to keep you going through the day; and second, in talking with the farmers in our organic program we realized that selling beans as just beans wasn't enough to make cacao farming viable...or at least let's say it was (is) a very tough lifestyle. With cost of living always tending upwards and cacao prices volatile, life farming cacao was more worry than wise. Our hand-peeled cacao program is all about adding value at the farmer level and bringing about improved livelihoods through giving producers a chance to turn their organic cacao into something more. In the photo above a group of organic cacao farmers work together to peel beans at Big Tree's Central Cacao Processing Facility in Mekayu, West Bali. It's happy, communal and chatty work that's always filled with laughs.