Stories from the field: Clocks for rural schools

Big Tree Farms co-founder Ben just came back from the field with some great pictures and stories. 

Life in the villages where we operate still follows a very different pace...

Life in rural Indonesia where Big Tree Farms works

Ben with our field supply team from Bagelan. And also in the photo is our precious new Big Tree Farms clock! Might not seem like much but we were shocked to find out that most of the elementary schools in this area had no clocks?! (So many things we all take for granted)...Well, we fixed that by making a whole boatload of these wall clocks and distributing to the school classrooms! We love the simple but impactful fun you can have with supply chain!

In the field in Bagelan with the new school clock

And finally- this shirt made us so happy to see. It reads- live a healthy, organic life with Big Tree Farms!

Live a healthy, organic life with Big Tree Farms