Debuting Coco Aminos at the 2016 Winter Fancy Foods Show

We had the pleasure of exhibiting once again at the Winter Fancy Foods Show. This year we debuted a brand new product- our Coco Aminos!

Coco Aminos

Celiac and the Beast even put us in her writeup for Best Sauces, Spices and Butter:

You might be familiar with Big Tree Farms from their coconut nectar and coconut sugar. I’ve been cooking with it for years. This year they launched coco aminos – soy-free coconut nectar based aminos as a sauce. I have a feeling this will be a huge launch.



New Hope 360 also included us in their tasting notes:

As more consumers move toward vegan and soy-free diets, they're looking for a healthy soy sauce alternative. Here, responsibly sourced coconuts are transformed into an amino acid-packed seasoning sauce.

Coco Aminos by New Hope