7 Reasons Our Chocolate Factory Is Cooler Than Willy Wonka’s

#1:  It’s made of bamboo!

You won’t see tall gates strapped with a padlock upfront, but a cathedral-like bamboo structure that’s three-stories tall and the size of half a football field; making us the world’s largest, bamboo-made commercial structure.

Big Tree Farms Chocolate Factory


#2: We are based in Bali, Indonesia

Zoom in and you’ll find us 25 minutes to the south of Ubud. Never heard of Ubud? It’s where a strong culture of farming, wellness, and the arts thrive within a setting of rice paddies, Balinese Hinduism, and an intimate village atmosphere.

A beautiful Bali morning in the bamboo factory


#3: Just like Wonka, within our walls are top secret machines

Sure, his made outrageous creations like everlasting gobstoppers you could chew for eternity, but we’ve got our own outrageous streak of inventions. Big Tree Farms was the first in the world to introduce truly authentic cold-processed organic cacao powder and butter, and organic coconut sugar and nectar.

Big Tree Farms innovative range of products


#4: Wonka may have taken comfort in employing his oompah loompah factory workers with cacao beans as wages, but we won’t have any of that!

We take pride in upholding fair trade. We practice transparency in the market—much like stocks rise and fall, so too the value of cacao. We promise to compensate our farmers with the just prices they deserve.

Big Tree Farms Farmers


#5: Remember the chewing gum Wonka created that could substitute a full meal?

As brilliant as it may sound, we’re not a fan of shortcuts. Our chocolate is organically grown and that means yes to goodness, no to pesticides and chemicals.

Organic cacao trees with ripe pods


#6: Indoor chocolate rivers are the stuff of movies!

When you tour our factory, we welcome you with a fresh glass of our drinking chocolate followed by taste testing our product range—a sip of our coconut nectar here, a dash of cacao powder there, to a bite of our Wonder Chocolates.

Inside the bamboo chocolate factory


#7: Best part is: you need not a golden ticket to enter

Send us an email at tours@bigtreefarms.com to make like Charlie in a Balinese bamboo factory.

The Big Tree Farms bamboo factory in Bali, Indonesia