What is OSC2 and why do we matter?

One Step Closer to an Organic Sustainable Community (OSC2) is a group of spirited and Founders & CEOs who share a common vision of making the world a better place through the work we do with our companies.


While many may view companies and business as the root of the world’s problems, the members of OSC2 take the approach of leveraging our companies’ positions in the world to make beneficial changes for a more sustainable future.

The original spark for the OSC2 group ignited in March 2000 at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, California. It was a rag-tag dinner of newly founded companies and the founders sitting around a dinner table, drinking wine and dreaming big – how to change the world!

A few of us (including myself, when I had Dagoba Chocolate, Ahmed Rahim of Numi Tea, Chris Mann and David Karr of Guayaki, and a few others) dreamed of forging a group of like-minded companies to leverage our shared values and push the natural food industry in a direction of change through collaboration - strength in numbers!

Shortly thereafter, all our companies started to grow quickly and the need to focus on and take care of our growing babies took precedent. In 2012, Ahmed Rahim (Numi Tea) resurrected the idea and carried the ball across the finish line and formally got OSC2 up and running.


Sustainable packaging and going plastic-free

OSC2 Mission: Address the toughest sustainability problems facing our industry and our planet by building new regenerative business models and agricultural systems.

Big Tree Farms, along with Numi Tea, Guayaki Yerbe Mate, Alter Eco and a few other core companies believe that collaboration, not competition, will drive the change that the world needs to see to lessen our impact.

One issue that has been at the forefront of our efforts is reducing plastic usage, and finding a solution to the reliance we all have on this material for our packaged goods.

All of our companies strive to make the best quality food products, using sustainable farming methods and Non-GMO ingredients, yet most of us rely on plastic to package our products for customers to buy. The irony of sustainable food products wrapped in unsustainable packaging is not lost on us.

With the collaboration and support of many companies, and the leadership of Alter Eco, OSC2 is very close to making a plastic alternative a reality. Made from a base of renewable wood pulp, the material is Non-GMO and can be composted in your backyard. Imagine going to the store and buying a bag of coconut sugar, rice or tea and then being able to take the bag and put it in your home compost bin and having that bag disappear in 60 days. This is our vision.

It has taken years and may take a couple more for it to happen. Solving some of the modern world’s man-made issues will take time, especially if we want them to be lasting and adoptable by the broader industry. And through collaboration, we can create solutions much quicker than if we were all working independently.

In the face of all the issues that the world is dealing with, our interdependency and connectivity as companies and humans have never been so apparent than they are today.

The OSC2 is just one group of small spirited companies that are teaming together to create beneficial change. Our hope is that our efforts will inspire larger companies to participate and help make these necessary changes happen quicker.

frederick schilling