5 Sweet Recipes For A More Sustainable Holiday

A round-up of some of our favorite coconut sugar recipes sure to make your holiday meals shine AND ensure your table is more environmentally sustainable!
Why do we say coconut sugar is a sustainable sweetener? 

Coconut Sugar, produced from the nutrient rich, sweet sap of coconut flower blossoms, can produce 50% to 70% more sugar per acre/year than Cane sugar while using less water and less soil nutrients to do so. Coconuts are also a tree species, not annual crops like Cane and Corn that need to be planted and harvested every year. In fact, a single seed planted of coconut can yield a tree which will produce sweeteners every day for over 50 years! That's a lot of sweeteners! And perhaps most important of all, coconut trees are usually grown as part of a diverse Food Forest ecosystem where many other trees and plants use the shade of the towering coconut trees to grow and be nurtured.

This multi species approach to food production not only strengthens the environment, but it also reduces greenhouse gases by acting as an important carbon sink, a super important consideration in this day of Climate Change. Cane and Corn sweeteners (in case you didn't see this coming), are tremendous sources of carbon emissions due to the massive scale at which they are grown and the disruptive nature of annual mono crop farm systems.

And after all of that, if you're still on the fence about jumping into Coconut Sugar on a traditional holiday like Thanksgiving, here's the best part of all; it tastes great! All these super benefits without giving up any taste? That's Coconut Sugar! So go ahead and try sharing this sustainable sweetener during the season of giving; Thanksgiving couldn't be a better place to start!

To help you on your way we've picked 5 of our favorite holiday recipes...

Good luck and let us know if you agree with our sentiments!


Festive Raspberry Belini

This amazing festive belini will help you get the party started. Ania from My Fat Me has a great recipe. (PSSST... the secret ingredient is our coconut sugar!)

My Fat Me Bellini with coconut sugar


Gluten-free Chocolate Almond Braid

Our friends over at Thrive Market have this great tutorial video on their blog for making a gluten-free Chocolate Almond Braid sweetened with, you guessed right, our coconut sugar.


Chocolate Peach Dutch Baby

Looking for an easy family breakfast idea? This is it. The Lip Smackin' Crusade have the answer. You might need to order additional coconut sugar.

Chocolate Peach Dutch Baby Recipe


Vegan Bourbon Butterscotch Pudding

This decadent but vegan recipe really plays to the caramel-ly strengths of Big Tree Farms Coconut Sugar. Wine for Dinner has created the perfect make-ahead treat for the season. 

Vegan Pudding made with coconut sugar


Coconut Milk Chai

Finally, for a heart warming treat, how can you beat this chai? Wholeheartedly Healthy has two great recipes in that one post, by the way.

Coconut milk chai latte with coconut sugar