5 Film Moments to Make You Crave Chocolate

We’ve set aside the usual Willy Wonka and Xocolat mentions to include cinematic celebrations of chocolate in varied scenarios—be it wizards on a train, a divorcée on a date, or inmates in a prison. Enjoy!


Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

Whether you read the book to your child or as a child, things only made possible by magic (like chocolate frogs) were a treat to see come to life on screen. During Harry and Ron’s first meeting, a train attendant asks, “Anything off the trolley, dears?” Harry’s response is “we’ll take the lot!” That lot included plenty of candy, and Harry’s first chocolate frog.


It’s Complicated

Your typical movie date scene may involve teenagers sneaking under a fence to enter private property, yet in a Nancy Meyers film, it means sneaking into a bakery with a bubbly, mother-of-three divorcée who offers to bake anything you want on the menu—or off the menu. Adam (Steve Martin) quips, “What about a warm chocolate croissant?” and Jane (Meryl Streep) replies, “Oh, it’s my specialty.”


Julie and Julia

It’s hard to select a standout food scene among this film’s chronicles of a writer who attempts to make 524 recipes from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Yet a chocolate birthday cake is so iconic. As Julie Powell’s character turns to her passion for cooking to overcome her what-am-I-doing-with-my-life phase, she blows out the candles from her 30th birthday cake and muses, “I thought it was going to be terrible but thanks to you, thanks to Julia, it feels like I’m going to get through.”


The Grand Budapest Hotel

Who could forget this film’s Mendl’s bakery? At the beginning, hotel concierge Monsieur Gustave instructs the lobby boy: “Run to the cathedral of Santa Maria Christiana in Brucknerplatz. Buy one of the plain, half-length candles and take back four Klubecks in change. Light it in the sacristy, say a brief rosary, then go to Mendl’s and get me a Courtesan au chocolat.”

Even while unfortunately behind bars, Monsieur Gustave sustains his love for Mendl’s. He shares his supply with other prisoners as one asks, “Mendl’s again?” To which he replies:


“Who’s got the throat slitter?”

The prisoners all reach for a piece of the pastry.

Check out First We Feast’s recipe to Mendl’s Courtesan au chocolat.


Back To The Future

What does a man do before making a courageous move? Maybe beat at this chest, smoke a cigarette, or take a deep breath. For George McFly, it’s getting a dose of chocolate. As he walks into a diner; mustering up the courage to ask out Lorraine Baines, he calls out to a server, slams his hand on the counter, boldly declaring:

“Lou, give me a milk. Chocolate.”


All gifs sourced from giphy.com