2017 Starter Kit

New year = clean slate. Because 2016 was exhaustingly eventful, here’s how to kick off the new year on a good note.


Eat well

Trend forecasts in food predict we’ll be seeing more dark chocolate for breakfast, finding creative ways to cut down on food waste (eg: using cauliflower stems for rice), and eating jackfruit as the next meaty replacement to tofu. Read some lists here from Food Business News and Market Watch.

Shop smarter

What’s in a garment? Which fabrics are quick-drying and wrinkle-resistant? How does producing spandex compare to the energy used to drive a car?

From viscose, leather, to linen, discover what these fabrics mean for the environment and the wearer through Making, an app that gives the lowdown on materials behind apparel and footwear.


Rest up

Resolutions to stay fit are well under way in January but importance is now equally being given to: recovery. Well + Good reports, “An obsession with [high intensity workouts] has led to over-training and injuries, ushering in a new let’s-slow-down mentality that’s going to keep spreading… Expect to see more fitness classes dedicated to recovery and a renewed interest in gentle (as opposed to power) yoga.”


Laugh more

From having to brainwash your boyfriend to propose to balancing pregnancy with career, take a cue from female comedian Ali Wong’s ability to tackle heavy topics with humor. Her 2016 “Baby Cobra” show is on Netflix. For more female-relevant conversations, comedy, and inspiration, use the time during a commute or while cooking up something in the kitchen to listen to podcasts like Women of the Hour by Lena Dunham, Monocycle by Man Repeller, or Sophia Amaruso’s Girl Boss Radio.


See your friends

Whatever the year throws in front of you, you don’t have to go it alone. Search your area for a women’s circle to discuss what’s going on in your life and hearing about others experiences too. These are usually offered by a local organization or hosted within yoga studios.New York’s The Wing provides a counterpart to the gentlemens’ club complete with a library, lactation room, work stations, and occasional events—sign up to be a member or get inspired to start your own club. Or, make new friends. Meetup lists groups looking to gather across 178 countries. Start your own meetup or join existent groups ranging from a Jane Austen book club, Spanish wine lovers, beagle owners, to working moms.