OSC2 - Sustainability committee reviewed by Elephant Journal


Big Tree Farms commitment to sustainability is highlighted by it's involvement in many organizations, one of which holds monthly meetings to address issues faced as manufacturers and suppliers of consumable goods.  A recent meeting at Natural Products Expo West was attended by none other than Waylon Lewis and Emma Ruffin of Elephant Journal who witnessed the sincerity it's members to derive low-impact environmental solutions.


Faith in humanity: restored via OSC2 - One Step Closer to an Organic Sustainable Community

This morning Waylon, Lindsey and I got off the beaten expo path to attend an amazing, intimate gathering of the true heroes of the expo: OSC2, One Step Closer to an Organic Sustainable Community, a nonprofit coalition of brands that are working towards creating a new generation of truly green, eco-packaging.

Some of the companies involved are: Numi Organic Tea (Founder, Ahmed Rahim met with Waylon yesterday for an interview—see it here), Alter Eco, Big Tree Farms, Guyakí Organic Yerba Mate, Nutiva, Mary’s Gone Crackers,California Olive Ranch and more.

Needless to say, the morning was a godsend in terms of filling elephant journal’s Ten Best Eco Packaging list—before this morning I hadn’t encountered even two brands who were committed to even making an effort re: packaging, let alone seeking to use 100% compostable. I’ve now got a list of companies to follow-up with, and am eager to get down to the expo floor to get my reviews nailed down!

Honestly, the morning was so inspiring that I’m going to actually do a separate blog covering the issues (read packaging, apathy) and what the coalition is doing to mitigate and improve the situation. So refreshing.

Chris Mann, CEO of Guayakí Organic Yerba Mate, made the genius recommendation that the Natural Products Expo committee should collect all of the waste each day, and use it to create a sculpture to really showcase the amount of waste that this weekend produces, and to show how really un-natural these companies actually are.

Heading out to make some connections and do some reviews!