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The Big Deal with Coconut Water

Why coconut water is so good for youCoconut water is legendary as a natural healing and preventative elixir of nature.  If you have ever sipped the juice from a freshly cracked coconut, you know exactly why. Coconut water is high in life-supporting electrolytes, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and sodium which are lost during daily activity and especially during exercise.  In fact, coconut water contains the same electrolyte balance as our blood, which leads many to call it "the fluid of life" and during war time in the Pacific Ocean, soldiers were actually given plasma infusions with coconut water.

Bottom line, coconut water is good.  Real good.

Here are some well known Coconut Water Facts:

  • A 100ml serving of coconut water contains more potassium than a couple large bananas and more potassium than your standard bottled sports drink.

  • Coconut water  is more nutritious than whole milk with no animal fat and no cholesterol.

  • Coconut water is generally regarded as more healthy than orange juice, with a much lower calorie count.

  • Coconut water contains lauric acid, which is naturally found in mother's milk.