Our Community: Meet endurance runner Joseph Chick

We'd like you to meet Joseph Chick, a Big Tree Farms ambassador, and a man who runs close to 4,500 kilometers a year, through all conditions and seasons. He pushes his body to the very limits. He also takes some amazing photos while doing it and shares them on his Instagram account. 

Joseph Chick Big Tree Farms ambassador

We asked Joseph a few questions. 

What's your goal for 2016? 

My goal for 2016 is to run three 100 mile races, two of which will be a
month apart. I'm testing my endurance over the course of the entire year,
as well as my recovery. I'm also trying to do it fueled on almost entirely
natural foods, minimizing processed things a sugars (especially unnatural
ones). My first 100 mile race is on June 17th.

What inspires you to keep doing what you do?

As for what motivates me, I would say my family and my friends. My big
race this year (the 100 mile race) is on the 2 year anniversary of
my mother's passing...so I'm going to try my best to run it well in her
memory. It will also be the first 100 mile race I will do without a pacer
at all, so the long night alone will really test my mental strength. I'm
lucky to have amazing people in my life and encourage and support me, as
well as that push me to be my best every chance I get. I've also been
fortunate enough to get a fair number of followers on Instagram and
twitter, and through social media they are also motivating to me through
their inspirational posts, comments and replies to what I share.

Tell us something we would never expect about endurance running.

Strangely enough, even though I've run well over 12 - 15 hours (or even
more) pretty much alone, I have never really felt bored. I find it very
meditative, relaxing and it allows me to think through anything and
everything happening in my life. I've become much calmer in general, and
when I cannot run (even for training runs) for several days in a row my
mood significantly changes. I become a bit more irritable, frustrated and
frankly somewhat short. Running is actually therapeutic to me. I would
say it is nearly a necessity for me, really.

Photo by Joseph Chick

Joseph is one of Big Tree Farms' ambassadors and has been using Coco Hydro to help his body function at its peak. 

Coco Hydro and running gear by Joseph Chick

Here's what he has to say about Coco Hydro: 

I also need to thank Big Tree Farms, makers of Coco Hydro, my favorite hydration product, ever. I run with this in my bottle and feel hydrated and experienced zero cramping or stomach issues all day long. I simply love this product, and they make sure I’m always well stocked (if you see me at a race or on the trail, ASK for a sample, I always have them to give out - you will not be sorry!). Not only does it simply taste much better than just water, but it’s natural hydration and electrolytes, not chemicals. It’s very hydrating, clean, extremely easy on the stomach and delicious. My electrolytes never feel off. 

Read more about his races and preparation at his blog