Welcoming Coco Aminos to the Big Tree Farms family

Your first question is probably, “what are COCO AMINOS? Is this some body building muscle pumping powder derived from coconuts? And why would Big Tree Farms get into the body building supplement industry?”


Coco Aminos, our newest product which launched in March, is a healthy all-purpose seasoning sauce, that acts as a great replacement for soy sauce, tamari or other liquid amino seasoning sauces on the market.

So, how do we make it and how do you use it?

Our COCO AMINOS are made from fresh organic and certified fair trade flower blossom nectar, sometimes referred to as the sap, of the coconut tree. We then carefully brew the nectar creating our base sauce. We then add the right amount of Balinese sea salt, traditionally harvested from the tropical black sand beach shores of eastern Bali, to balance the inherently rich and sweet flavors of the blossom nectar released during the brewing process. Our COCO AMINOS contain 14 amino acids and are rich in vitamins and minerals. It's a great soy sauce alternative for people following a gluten-free diet or looking to avoid soy in their diet. 

COCO AMINOS can be used on almost any food as a general seasoning sauce and condiment. Truly, once they find their way into your kitchen, you’ll be surprised and excited as to how diverse the application is.

The flavor is similar to a soy sauce, yet with a more delicate overall flavor and seasoning effect. Soy and tamari sauces have a heaviness and punch to them. There is weight on the palate and the saltiness is a BOOM! In contrast, our COCO AMINOS have a lighter play on the palate, allowing them to mingle with the flavors of the food you are eating with much more diplomacy. They don’t take over the flavor of the dish like a soy or tamari sauce; instead, they accentuate the dish you're eating with a perfectly balanced sweet/salty/umami-ness.

Common uses include; rice, quinoa, vegetables, marinades for meats or tempeh/tofu, salads, soups, sushi, sautés and on popcorn. But don't limit yourself to these ideas- the uses are really open to your own creativity.

Where can our COCO AMINOS be found in the store?

Most likely, you’ll find our COCO AMINOS in the condiment aisle, alongside the iconic yellow bottle of Bragg Liquid Aminos, soy sauce, tamari and other liquid condiments. But, of course, you can always purchase our products at our online store

We hope you enjoy our COCO AMINOS as much as we do here at Big Tree Farms!