Ben Ripple, founder of Big Tree Farms, Discusses Cacao Fraud and Fact

Big Tree Farms in Bali presents the world's only truly raw cacao butter and powder. Listen to what Ben Ripple, organic Farmer and founder of Big Tree Farms, has to say about Big Tree Farms' process. 


robert platt
robert platt

February 24, 2016


My name is Robert Platt i am extremely interested in this top secret process.My wifes family are small plot cacao farmers in pauna,boyaca colombia. World reknown for incredible cacao. I bought the one degree organic cereal. Thats where i saw your picture and name.thats how i found this video and site.i would love to help the family also make a value added product to increase their lively hood. Currently cacao is 8000 pesos per kilo. Less then $3.00 dollars a kilo. This cacao is off the hook good. Do you have any reccomendations where to start?


Robert Platt

Loving Islands
Loving Islands

September 24, 2015

Great video, thanks for sharing!


September 10, 2015


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