The second life of pumpkins

Don’t wipe the grin off your Jack-o-Lantern’s face so fast—they’ve still got some use in them. From a healthy snack, face mask, to cocktail, here are some ideas on extending the lives of pumpkins. View full article →

Cacao & Chocolate by the numbers

The global chocolate market is projected to be worth up to 98.3 billion dollars this 2016 and millions of people’s livelihoods revolve around it. Before you take a bite, know that there’s a whole big world behind the chocolate you so love. Let’s explore it in figures.  View full article →

7 reasons our chocolate factory is cooler than Willy Wonka’s

Reason 1: It’s made of bamboo! You won’t see tall gates strapped with a padlock upfront, but a cathedral-like bamboo structure that’s three-stories tall and the size of half a football field; making us the world’s largest, bamboo-made commercial structure. View full article →
September 20, 2016


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4 restaurants that put Bali on the culinary map

Remember when the world said you can't make cold-processed cacao powder? Well, we made it happen! Big Tree Farms is all about pushing the envelope from farm to factory to kitchen. Like-minded in innovation, we proudly supply our products to these four Bali-based restaurants. View full article →

Food Talk: The genius raw vegan cakes of Stephen McCarty

We have followed Steven McCarty on his wildly popular Instagram account for ages, marveled at his colorful and intricately decorated cakes, read about his story in Vogue, and seen him mentioned on countless other blog posts. However, it took until 2016 for us to find out that he chooses to bring his creations to life with our coconut nectar! We are truly honored to be part of his creative process and had to ask him a few questions.  View full article →

The Raw Alchemist has hit the shelves! (Brownie recipe included)

Shanti and the Alchemy chefs use Big Tree Farms products and ingredients in their amazing creations and have shared the recipe for their incredible Raw Sexy Brownies from the Raw Alchemist. Packed full of goodness only raw cacao can bring you. Read all about it and then head to the kitchen to make your own batch of sublime brownies.  View full article →

Your new 'go-to' salad dressing is here

We have a new salad dressing that is sure to become one of your standard 'go-to' recipes. The combination of ingredients is so simple but produces a seriously good flavor profile. View full article →

Our Community: Meet endurance runner Joseph Chick

We'd like you to meet Joseph Chick, a Big Tree Farms ambassador, and a man who runs close to 4,500 kilometers a year, through all conditions and seasons. He pushes his body to the very limits View full article →

Baking with coconut sugar, plus our favorite apple cake recipe

This apple custard tea cake from Good Food is a favorite of ours and we've made it with our Big Tree Farms Coconut Sugar with great results. It is a two part recipe—a custard and a cake batter, which combine to create an incredible texture and flavor.  View full article →

Taking part in the 2016 Ubud Food Festival

Big Tree Farms is joining in the celebration of Indonesian food at the second Ubud Food Festival! View full article →
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