Coco Hydro

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  • Dehydrated at source so we're not shipping water around the world, Coco Hydro® is coconut water on-demand in four delicious natural flavors. Just mix with water for Coconut Water Anytime...Anywhere.

    • At a glance
    • Vegan, NON-GMO and gluten-free
    • Grab and go portability
    • Sustainably sourced and shipped 
    • Naturally occurring essential electrolytes
    • Nutrients of 25 coconuts per pouch (275g)
    • Nutrients of 2 coconuts per sachet (22g)
  • Aren’t you tired of lugging around all that heavy coconut water yet? Well you should be because only 3%, of what’s in it is nutritious and the rest is just plain water. Coco Hydro® is that super nutritious 3% which means it is naturally high in all kinds of great nutrients – five essential electrolytes as well as vitamins and minerals. Great for the gym, camping, kid’s events, at work, in your travel bag and in smoothies – the possibilities are endless. Coco Hydro is a healthy soft drink alternative and a healthy energy drink alternative, too.

    • Good to know
    • One pouch = approx. 1½ gallons of electrolyte-filled beverage!
    • One packet = 1 bottle of coconut water.
    • By replacing just two bottled drinks per week with Coco Hydro you’ll save 104 plastic or glass bottles per year!
    • The U.S. population consumes 1,500 plastic bottles per SECOND. That’s 50 billion a year and 80% end up in landfills, even with recycling programs.
    • Ingredients
    • Coconut water powder
    • Tapioca dextrose
    • Sea salt
    • Ionic trace minerals
    • ascorbic acid
    • citric acid
    • natural flavor and vegetable based coloring in flavored skus
    • Click HERE to learn more about what's inside Coco Hydro
  • Coco Hydro is best used as a drink mix.

    • Additional Uses
    • Simply blend with water to taste
    • Great in smoothies
    • Packed in gym bag for truly portable hydration
    • Mixed in recovery drinks or smoothies for extra efficacy

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