Cashew Nib Clusters

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  • Cashew-Cacao Clusters are a mix of our truly raw cacao nibs and truly raw cashews sweetened with our low-glycemic coconut nectar, then we add just a dash of our wild-harvested Balinese sea salt.

    • At a glance
    • Organic, NON-GMO, Raw, Gluten-Free, Vegan
    • Truly raw cacao nibs and truly raw cashews
    • Sweetened with coconut nectar
    • These cashew-cacao clusters are addicting, in a very good way!
  • Cashew Cacao Clusters are a healthy energy-bar alternative with naturally high protein and high nutrient energy. Big Tree Farms' raw cacao beans and cashews sweetened with pure coconut nectar provide essential vitamins and minerals.

    Keep them on hand for a quick snack, as a breakfast or healthy dessert topper, for at work energy or as a guilt-free sweet treat. And they're great for healthy kid's snacks too.

    • Ingredients
    • Raw organic cashews
    • Raw organic cacao nibs
    • Organic coconut nectar
    • Balinese sea salt
  • Cashew cacao clusters are best used as a healthy, sweet treat alternative.

    • Other uses
    • Tasty energy snack
    • Great alternative to candy bars
    • Mixes well with trail mix
    • Great topper for sweets

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