Our entire processing culture is unique to Big Tree Farms. From the farmer networks that we create and manage to the gentle steps of transforming the ingredients, no other company offering these products can make the bold claims we make. Why? Because many of the products we make and sell, we pioneered.

We were the first to produce a high quality, organic, pure granulated coconut sugar to the global market and we still lead this industry with innovation in product development and the processes used to make both our granulated sugar and our liquid nectar. We created our own chocolate making equipment to ensure temperatures stay within our accepted range of processing to make Truly Raw™ cacao products.

We created coconut water powder as a solution to the bottled coconut water industry, and the heavy and irresponsible carbon footprint it holds to give athletes, professional and weekend warriors, a natural alternative to the overly synthetic sports drinks on the market.

The process isn’t always about the mechanics of how our products are made, though. The process is also the thoughts, the beliefs and the people that take action to make the process come to life and ultimately create the healthy products we sell and improve the environment we live in. The process of building our global headquarters on Bali was a process of breaking down the status-quo of what a building should be, then dreaming up a structure that embodies our vision, mission and passion of sustainability; then making it real.

Our highly specialized and skilled team, and our location in Indonesia, allows Big Tree Farms to fine-tune our proprietary processes, including our farmer relationships and our product development. We work directly with our farmer partners. We see first hand that ecological responsibility, safe working conditions and fair trade practices are upheld. We are passionate about creating broad reaching and focused processes that maintain our best in class approach to farmer integration, product and production innovation, and customer satisfaction.