Our commitment to sustainability

From the soil we nurture, the trees we plant, our bamboo office building, riding our bikes to work, to our collaborative industry efforts to produce home compostable packaging to reduce our dependency on plastics, our commitment to lightening our impact on the world is a continual process of assessing, reflecting, solving and acting.

We live in a complex world with so many environmental concerns that no company can no longer ignore and not accept responsibility of the role we all play. Big Tree Farms is committed to helping find solutions to concerns we all share about our planet.

All the products that we create help nurture the planet, without compromising it. Coconut trees are renowned for supporting the environment, acting as soil builders, these pioneering trees also provide shade for understory crops to be planted, providing balance to the soil and surroundings.

Cacao trees grow in shaded environments, under the canopy of taller trees, also providing shade for other sensitive food crops – the source for our term "the food forrest". Many of the crops we sell cannot be farmed in commercial single tiered processes without doing significant damage to ecosystems, if at all.

Our farming practices honor the people working on them and the planet by working in harmony with what best supports natural husbandry of these crops. From the very beginning Big Tree Farms has worked hard to undo the damage that nearly destroyed Indonesia's farming community. We help to take farmers back to their roots and promote responsible crops and ancient practices that are gentle on this fragile ecosystem.