Coconut Water Powder

Our coconut water powder is available upon special request.  Coconut water powder BIG TREE FARMS COCO HYDRO COCONUT WATER POWDERis the concentrated electrolyte nutrients found in coconut water.  This ingredient is the perfect addition to beverages, food bars and ready-to-mix powders where you want the benefits of pure coconut water electrolytes.  

  • Packed in 25kg boxes, 36 cases per pallet.


For inquiries in North America, please email us.sales@bigtreefarms.com  or call +1-541-488-5605.

For inquiries outside of North America, please email sales@bigtreefarms.com and we will either take care of you directly or forward you onto one of our distributor partners within your country.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping take your products to a new level of goodness!


The Big Tree Farms team