Raw Chocolate Tarts Recipe

Cake for breakfast? If you’re looking to indulge, the next best thing could be raw chocolate tarts. These versatile nibblers can be enjoyed as a healthy breakfast following your workout, a midday snack, or more conventionally—dessert. Ingredients offer benefits in the form of chia seeds (calcium, protein, fiber), bananas and avocados (potassium), berries (antioxidants), and of course, cacao (energy booster and mood enhancer). View full article →

Spotlight on Sweeteners

There are smart ways to enjoy sugar, and that’s by finding healthier alternatives. Our coconut sugar and coconut nectar sweeteners offer benefits such as being unrefined, gluten-free, and for coconut sugar, can be conveniently used as a 1:1 replacement for cane sugar. View full article →

Food Talk: The genius raw vegan cakes of Stephen McCarty

We have followed Steven McCarty on his wildly popular Instagram account for ages, marveled at his colorful and intricately decorated cakes, read about his story in Vogue, and seen him mentioned on countless other blog posts. However, it took until 2016 for us to find out that he chooses to bring his creations to life with our coconut nectar! We are truly honored to be part of his creative process and had to ask him a few questions.  View full article →

The Truth about Coconut Sweeteners

Coconut sweeteners are an incredible alternative to the status quo of highly refined, health damaging, industrial sugar options. Cane, beet, corn, agave: these are the major players in global sweeteners and the vast majority of their impact on human health is negative. For those of us that have no intention of completely throwing sugars out the window (and I think that’s almost everyone), it’s time we understood the incredible opportunity that coconut sweeteners offer for shifting our relationship with sugar towards a healthier light. View full article →

Top 10 Reasons to LOVE Coconut Sugar!

Healthy for you and the planet, 10 reasons to use coconut sugar! View full article →

Benefits of Coconut Sugar Infographic

The Best Sugar Alternative IS Coconut Sugar - and Big Tree Farms sets itself apart from the rest View full article →