Are You Keeping Hydrated?

With the influx of health monitoring devices and apps, we can access a wealth of data on the state of our bodies. During the cold season, we tend to neglect our water intake just because we’re not sweating. So amid the parties and holiday celebrations, ask yourself a basic question: are you keeping hydrated? These apps see to it that you do. View full article →

Our Community: Meet endurance runner Joseph Chick

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Make hydration your New Year's resolution!

For whatever reason, that heightened sense of well-being from our New Year’s resolution instigated clean diet and regular exercise fades into a “back of the stove” priority and the monkey-chatter of daily busy-ness takes precedent. Yet, there is one simple every day enjoyable act that we can do, very easily, to ensure we are at least taking care of our body on a basic level.  View full article →

Coco Hydro reduces your carbon footprint

 Did you know that over 1,500 plastic bottles are used in the US every SECOND? We created Coco Hydro as part of our ongoing mission to be part of the solution. View full article →

5 reasons to feel good about coconut water and Coco Hydro

5 reasons to feel good about your coconut water addiction and using Coco Hydro View full article →

COCO HYDRO Trace Mineral List

Coco Hydro contains 72 trace minerals, found in the same ratio that exists in sea water.  These trace minerals come from an ancient sea bed in North America where the water evaporated millions of years ago and left behind a rich layer of minerals.  

Why do we add trace minerals to Coco Hydro?  We do it for a couple reasons.  

First, a lot of farming land in the world has been over-farmed and the soil now lacks the trace minerals that were once found in abundance.  This means the food we eat may not have all the trace minerals we need to keep our body running like the well tuned machine it needs to be.  

Second, we believe that adding trace minerals provide our bodies with a more complete hydration solution.  When we sweat, we don't only sweat water, but we also sweat minerals.  This means we need to replenish the minerals, both macro and micro.  Most hydration sport drinks only contain the basic macro minerals in synthetic form.  While the big 5 are critical (Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Manganese), so are all the micro trace minerals.  

Below is a list of the trace minerals that are found in Coco Hydro.  These are all naturally occurring and organic by nature.