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Fleur De Sel - Fine Grain

Harvested floating on the surface of the brine as a traditional “Fleur de Sel”.   Fluffy, light, snowflake crystals characterize this phenomenal traditional sea salt Naturally high levels of Magnesium make the flavor somewhat sweet.  Low moisture content keeps these crystals free-flowing.

Since ancient times, Fleur de Sel crystals have been treasured for their ability to heighten the flavors of any ingredient they meet.  Bali’s Fine Grain salt crystals are produced in the dry season when the sun shines down on the black sand beaches causing rapid crystallization of the brine.  In the early morning twilight, fluffy miniature snowflake crystals are harvested from the brine’s surface to dry as the sun rises overhead.  This is a Fleur de Sel as fine and beautiful as any we have ever experienced!


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Fleur De Sel - Fine Grain

Fleur De Sel - Fine Grain

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