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TRU RA Cacao Powder

Our Truly Raw Cold Processed Cacao Powder is the most worthy and mind blowing cacao powder you will ever lay your taste buds and brain receptors to.  We never heat our cacao powder above 118F (46C)... YOU HAVE OUR WORD.

What does this mean?  It means you will have a cacao powder that is packed with vital nutrients beyond any other cacao powder.  You will FEEL the difference between Big Tree Farms raw cacao powder and other raw or non-raw cacao powders.

As for the flavor?  Well, "chocolate" flavor is created from roasting the cacao beans.  So since we do not roast our beans, the flavor of our cacao powder is not "chocolatey" in the traditional sense.  It has a mild nutty flavor, with a slight green note that borders citrusy.  Honestly, it is just really good.

And because we do not roast the beans to create a constant homogenous flavor, the concept of terroir is fully allowed to reign supreme.  You will taste the nuances of the earth, the wind and the rain in this powder like you have never experienced before.  Yes, it will change from season to season, like a fine wine that is not adulterated through flavor enhancing and homogenizing agents.

We hope you enjoy our Truly Raw cacao powder as much as we enjoy crafting it... and using it ourselves.

Enjoy... Its ALL GOOD!

TRU RA Cacao Powder

Cacao Powder - Retail Canister - Truly Raw & Cold Processed

Product Information
  • Truly Raw!
  • Never been heated above 118F / 46C - PROMISE!
  • Super high in Antioxidants!
  • Super high in Anandamide (the bliss chemical).. yahoooo!
  • Mild flavor, makes it easy eating in anything!
  • Simply THE BEST Truly Raw cacao powder.

Available Size

Nutrition Facts
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