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CocoHydro - Original

25 Coconuts in every pouch!*

Coconut Water just got smarter with CocoHydro.  No more shipping water half way around the world.  No more fossil fuel waste pushing that water around the world.  No more buying heavy cases of coconut water to drink the juice when the hydration craving hits.  

Nope, a pouch of CocoHydro makes around a gallon and a half of coconut water at half the price of bottled coconut water... and it s GOOD.  

CocoHydro is coconut water electrolytes that you add to your own local water source and have a coconut water drink anywhere, anytime.  You can pack it when camping, mix some in your biking water bottle, keep it in the desk drawer, at the gym, bedside, curbside, wet bar mixer or morning smoothie mix.  It s All Good!


*average number, depending on size of each coconut and amount of coconut water in each coconut.

Daily hydration 275g pouch
CocoHydro - Original

Coco Hydro Original - 275g pouch

Product Information
  • 5 essential electrolytes in every serving
  • Each 275gm pouch is about 25 servings
  • Each 22gm packet is a large single serve
  • Half the price of bottled coconut water, per liquid ounce serving
  • More sustainable than bottled coconut water
  • Tastes like coconut water - because it is coconut water
  • Perfect for daily hydration

Available Size

Nutrition Facts