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Welcome to the home of Big Tree Farms

For Grand Opening Party details, click here.

When it was time to build a new factory, we simply asked ourselves a simple question - "how can we build a building that will express the spirit of Big Tree Farms?"  After some basic pondering, it became crystal clear that building our new factory out of bamboo was the only option.  It is one of the most sustainable building materials in the world, it is extremely strong, it is beautiful to look at, soothing to work in and would present to us a challenge that no one has undertaken to date.  Anywhere.  We smiled.

We were going to build the worlds largest bamboo commercial structure.  This was actually not our goal.  It was just the result of building what we needed and wanted to have under our roof:  office space, retail store with cafe, warehousing, meeting areas and event center, general production space and Southeast Asias first Bean to Bar chocolate factory!  Yup, all these things will find their home in the new Big Tree Farms bamboo Headquarters.

We broke ground in January of 2011 and it has been absolutely incredible to watch.  Pete Celovsky, our architect, was challenged with the task to take our vision and put into a feasible reality.  Then once the architectural drawing were drafted (after many many many renditions of course), it was handed over to our Balinese Master bamboo builder, Pak Cantor.  Pak Cantor is probably around 65 years old and has been building bamboo structures for the greater part of his life.  When asked to help build our cathedral, he looked at us like we were mad and just shook his head.  Then with a grin and twinkle in his eye, he agreed.

To build anything from scratch always takes time and planning, patience and creativity.  To build a structure that has never been built before, out of non-traditional commercial building material, on a monumental scale, has required all of us to erase the concept of "what cannot be done" and ask the question of "how can we do it".  Then make it a reality.

Our dream is becoming a reality right in front of us.  Our target completion date is August 15th and it looks like we will be hitting our target.  You can see photos of the construction process on our facebook page.  If you are on Bali on 11/11/11 then you are invited to come to the Grand Opening party.  And if you ever come to Bali for any reason, then you are more than welcome to come visit us, tour the chocolate factory, drink some hot cocoa and soak in some bamboo beauty.



Bamboo is one of the most amazingly versatile and sustainable building materials available. It grows remarkably fast and in a wide range of climates. It is exceedingly strong for its weight and can be used both structurally and as a finish material. The canes are beautiful when exposed and they can be cut in such a way as to be re-combined into useful products such as flooring. There is a long vernacular tradition to the use of bamboo in structures in many parts of the world, especially in more tropical climates, where it grows into larger diameter canes. One tricky aspect to the use of bamboo is in the joinery; since its strength comes from its integral structure, it cannot be joined with many of the traditional techniques used with wood. This is where the old ways of building with bamboo can be especially informative.

We expect that the value of bamboo as a building material will only become more apparent as we move toward a time of wood scarcity and high costs of energy.